Graphic designer with experience in strategic, conceptual and applied brand development for visual identity systems, brand retail and packaging design, seasonal campaigns, promotional material and launch events. Design experience internationally, currently residing in London.

Awards                    Freelance
                                Card'ed Dubai, UAE. 04.2011 Creative pitch to an Abu Dhabi bank to introduce promotional channel.
Art Dubai Dubai, UAE. 12.2010 and 02.2011 Promotional event material.
Emblem Dubai, UAE. 11.2010-02.2011 Rebranding, and launch event, of a Saudi holding company.
                                Migrant Forum in Asia Dubai, UAE 05.2010 Awareness campaign for International Labour Conference.
Rameen Peyrow Edmonton, Canada 03.2009–01.2010 Personal branding and yoga studio identity.
Feel Dubai, UAE 09.2008–11.2008 Various visual identities.
Kabo Media Dubai, UAE 07.2008–08.2008 Strategy and identity for Danish holding company.
Breathe Branding Dubai, UAE 05.2008–06.2008 Various visual identities.

FITCH 10.2007–12.2007; Dubai, UAE
Design Director Visual Identity and Branding. Developed the brand mark and identity system for a major
                                iconic landmark project in Dubai.

                                BrandCentral 04.2007–10.2007; Dubai, UAE
Associate Design Director Visual Identity and Branding. Collaborated with design director in guiding
                                virtual Beirut team through the process of developing an identity for a private college in Jordan.

                                Reactive Media 12.2005; Melbourne, Australia
Freelance Designer Concept development on rebranding of local college within the University of Melbourne.


                                LEGO Group 12.2002–09.2004; Billund, Denmark

In-house Graphic Designer LEGO Creative Center. Development and preservation of the LEGO brand, on internal                                 and external projects. Design of national and international season campaigns, product packaging, and PR materials.
                                Art direction of photography and illustration. Client presentations and correspondence.

Interbrand 08.1999–07.2001; San Francisco, USA
Junior Designer Assisted in the creative process of concept development and implementation of visual identities                                 for new and established brands, packaging design, PR materials, and client presentations.

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts 07.1999; Kalamazoo, USA
Freelance Designer Designed interactive CD of art collection for onsite exposure at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.                                 Concept work and design implementation.

Awards                    Gold Award for Design and Interactive Design, Michigan Museum Association. c. 2000

BFA in Graphic Design
                                Minor in Advertising
                                Western Michigan University
                                1994–1999; Kalamazoo, USA

                                Leadership Course (150 hours)
                                Silkeborg Teknisk Skole
                                2010; Silkeborg, Denmark

Computer Skills
        Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)

Languages                Danish (native). English (